Choosing the Best Drug Treatment Program in San Diego County

When people think of the “north county” area of San Diego County, they probably imagine the beautiful beaches of Carlsbad and Encinitas or the dazzling multi-million-dollar homes of Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar. They may picture a balanced lifestyle and overall vibe that is equal parts laid-back and active. All of this and more can accurately describe north county San Diego. As beautiful as north San Diego County is, it is not immune to drug use, drug addiction, and the need for drug treatment programs.

A World of Availability

There will probably always be an abundance of avenues and opportunities to obtain and use an array of dangerous drugs. From heroin to cocaine to opioids, and even a variety of prescription pain pills, steroids and other illegal substances, if someone wants it, they can probably find a way to get it, even (and especially in) affluent communities. Sometimes people develop or deepen a serious addiction to these dangerous drugs — and this doesn’t even begin to address the ever-ready availability of alcohol.

Finding a Way Out of Addiction

San Diego County is also home to several highly respected, world-class drug treatment programs. From inpatient to intensive outpatient programs (IOP); from sober living homes to outpatient detox programs. From the bustle of downtown San Diego to the beachside bliss of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar and Solana Beach — if you or someone you love is looking to put an end to alcoholism, drug use or severe drug addiction, you’ll find an array of options to choose from here.

When determining which recovery program or treatment center is best for you or your loved one, it’s important to be honest about the nature and depth of the addiction — especially if it involves a highly addictive and dangerous substance such as heroin, cocaine, or opioids. Deeper degrees of dependency, or any level of consistent use of illegal and illicit drugs, typically require at least some length of time at an inpatient detox center or recovery home. There, the addicted person can receive more personal,     structured, and constant attention to ensure he or she remains free of the addictive substance — and finds the motivation, support, and insight to start down a new, healthier path and lifestyle.

Here are some good questions to ask a potential drug treatment program in San Diego County:

  • What type of detox programs do they offer?

If you are at risk of withdrawal from a substance it is important to know if the program you are considering has providers and support to facilitate a safe and comfortable detoxification. Coming off of some substances can result in life-threatening symptoms and ensuring that the staff are well trained to navigate these complicated situations is important.

  • What type of treatment modalities are offered?

Many programs are based in community fellowship but unfortunately lack much structure or a clear curriculum.  Some evidence based treatment modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, or psychodynamic psychotherapy. At BOLD Health we use psychodynamic psychotherapy therapy, which can lead patients to breakthroughs in self-awareness and unlocking traumatic feelings that drive addictive behaviors.

  • Does the program have providers skilled at diagnosing and treating dual diagnosis so you can uncover and resolve the underlying symptoms that may have contributed to the substance use?

At BOLD Health we believe that addiction is a maladaptive coping skill to try to navigate the difficulties of life and treating the underlying mental health conditions is imperative for sustained sobriety.

  • Does the program have a prescribing psychiatrist with expertise in using medications to facilitate treatment of substance use disorders?

At BOLD Health we have highly trained medical doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who specialize in prescribing medication assisted treatment (MAT) for substance abuse as well as psychiatric medications for concurrent mental health conditions when indicated.  Our medical providers work in conjunction with our therapists in an integrated team approach.

  • What happens if I relapse or show up intoxicated? 

At BOLD Health, we recognize that relapse is part of addiction.  If you have cancer and show up to your oncologist needing treatment for a recurrence you are welcomed back with open arms. You cannot participate in groups if you are intoxicated or in withdrawal but we will work with you in a non-judgmental way, curious to find out what went wrong and how we can get you back on track.

Outpatient Options

If you or a loved one decides you want to address your problematic drug, alcohol, or other substance use or abuse with more of an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or outpatient detox approach, there are many excellent programs and centers to choose from in San Diego. Outpatient programs also allow those patients coming out of a residential treatment center to “step down” into the next phase of treatment and therapy. The trained, compassionate professionals at BOLD Health in Encinitas offer a wide range of programs, approaches and treatment options — all available via visits to our peaceful, beachside office setting in the warm heart of Encinitas (just a mile away from Moonlight Beach and the Pacific Ocean).

At BOLD, we believe in taking courageous steps with all our clients. We offer an innovative, science-supported recovery program developed and led by doctors — and featuring a continuity of care that’s unmatched in other programs and IOPs. Our whole-person focus addresses both the biological and psychological underpinnings of addiction and mental health disorders and challenges.

Our available programs to address, treat and heal drug addictions and substance abuse issues include IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) that typically last 10 weeks and include three days (covering 9-15 hours) of group and individual therapy sessions per week as well as medication treatment appointments with a prescribing provider if needed. In addition, we offer personalized outpatient detox programs on a case by case basis that enable you to receive help from our providers in office, while detoxing at home. Our individualized treatment approach allows for patients to move between services based on his or her unique clinical needs.

If you think you or someone you love may be suffering and in need of our assistance, the physicians and professionals at BOLD are ready to help you walk through the self-discovery and healing process. Give us a call at 760.503.4703 or contact us with any questions you may have.


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  2. […] Choosing the Best Drug Treatment Program in San Diego County […]