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As of today, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug across the entire globe. This means that it's classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance with high potential for abuse amongst individuals who use drugs like these. Marijuana affects nearly every organ in your body and can have many negative effects on you if not consumed properly or at all!

Marijuana Treatment San Diego

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There are Still Negative Risks to Medical Marijuana - We Have Experience Treating Marijuana Addiction.

People use marijuana in different ways depending on the type of experience they are looking for. Some people smoke it, but others choose to drink tea made from its leaves or consume brownies and chocolate bars containing cannabis oil.

People also have found that medical marijuana is helpful with issues such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, anorexia nervosa (an eating disorder), sleeping trouble, and nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients undergoing treatment at hospitals.

In this day and age, the topic of medical marijuana seems to be surrounded by both pros and cons. Some states have legalized its use but most still consider it illegal; little is known about ingredients in such medication because they are not standardized nor regulated on a national level.

When considering whether or not we should legalize specific uses for cannabis, one must weigh benefits against potential risks: addiction being just one aspect that needs consideration when weighing positives versus negatives surrounding an active substance like marijuana.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Although marijuana use is linked to the development of a disorder known as marijuana addiction or use disorder, its effects are less severe than other drugs such as opioids. Studies have shown that those individuals who begin using before 18 years old face an increased risk for developing addictions and disorders at higher rates compared with adults.

People who use marijuana daily may not think they have a problem, but their actions show that addiction is taking over. These users are unable to control themselves even when the consequences become dire and severe.

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Marijuana is difficult to quit

Due to growing societal acceptance, marijuana can be one of the most difficult substances for people trying to quit. Often in these cases, social pressures are as high or higher than alcoholics when it comes to quitting drinking and using drugs. At our San Diego Marijuana addiction treatment center, we offer support groups that address this issue head-on!

If you have tried to stop using marijuana on your own multiple times and never succeeded, or if it sounds like someone you know may be struggling with their use of weed, reach out to BOLD Health today! Our San Diego rehab center is here for people who need some help moving forward in recovery.

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