Pregnancy, planned and unplanned can bring with it a myriad of emotions. Most people assume joy is the most predominant emotion but very commonly women experience concurrent anxiety and even guilt and sadness. It is easy to see the toll that childbirth can take on women physically, but the unseen emotional toll can be even more intense.

Following childbirth, women experience an extreme drop in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, and other hormones produced by the thyroid gland can also dip dramatically. This often leaves women feeling tired, sluggish and depressed in the days, weeks and even months following childbirth. Postpartum depression, however, is a severe form of clinical depression. Symptoms often include insomnia, loss of appetite, extreme irritability and difficulty bonding with the baby.

Postpartum depression is fairly common, with some studies suggesting that one in seven women will experience it to some degree after giving birth. Here at BOLD Health, we possess extensive experience treating patients with postpartum depression. Additionally, many of providers are women with advanced training in Maternal Mental Health. Let us help you or someone you love find their way out of postpartum depression.

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