Why Choose Bold?

The BOLD Method

A Whole Person Focus from a Whole Team.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live your life outside of your diagnosis? At BOLD we believe all of our patients’ primary diagnosis is simply, “human.” We are all complex human beings with biological, genetic, structural, and medical underpinnings that influence our mental health. And we all come to treatment with our own unique history that has written the story of how we got to where we are.

We believe in a holistic approach to your mental health that addresses your symptoms from a biological understanding but as importantly we work to understand the why of how your biology and life circumstances resulted in your current suffering. We work to help you understand the engine driving your suffering so your symptoms aren’t just treated but are resolved. Our BOLD Method was developed out of a deep understanding both this biological model of psychiatric treatments used in conjunction with powerful psychotherapy techniques to achieve optimal results.

At BOLD, we focus on BOTH the biological and psychological underpinnings of mental health disorders and addiction.

We treat the whole person.

Developed by Physicians. We are physician-owned and operated. Our medical Doctors are all board-certified in Psychiatry as well as Family Practice. They developed and continue to refine all our methods and are intimately involved in every aspect of your curriculum and therapy.

Science-Based. We use an evidence-based approach to treatment that is backed by research and empirical data. Our original treatment curriculum was developed by BOLD Health doctors while working alongside world-renowned clinician Jon Frederickson.

BOLD Approach. We wholeheartedly believe we can walk along with our clients as they do the BOLD work to transform their lives through our one-of-a-kind treatment approach. We provide an unparalleled level of service as we work with our clients to overcome their addiction or mental health issues.

Continuity of Care. Our multiple levels of care allow our patients access to traditional outpatient care, as well as more intensive support when needed. Our BOLD Method is used throughout the clinic creating a consistent approach to treatment by our entire team.

BOLD method children's therapy

The BOLD Method

The BOLD Method brings together traditional psychiatric medical care with the powerful healing power of psychotherapy to not only treat the symptoms of mental illness and addiction but resolve symptoms by providing a mechanism for life long characterological change. We have an international advisory team of world leaders in the fields of mental health, addiction and research that has collaborated with us to provide you with an approach to treatment that is unparalleled.

We use a multidisciplinary team approach with our clients and meet regularly as a treatment team so that from our intake coordinator, to our therapists and medical providers, we work together to provide you the best care available.

Take the first BOLD step toward healing.

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Location Matters

BOLD Health is located in Encinitas, California. Our office is set in a tranquil and modern, stand-alone building, surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees just one mile away from Moonlight Beach and the Pacific Ocean. We are next to the gorgeous Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA of Encinitas that provides a calming park-like atmosphere with views of the ocean from our patio. We believe that location matters and at BOLD Health you will find an environment optimized to reaching your wellness goals.

Our office is a short drive from both downtown San Diego and Orange County. Encinitas offers world-class food, beaches and recreation opportunities as well as natural food stores and farmers markets.

Sarah Lee Photo of Surfer Underwater

Art by Sarah Lee

Just before we opened our doors, we realized we needed to put art on the walls. We knew exactly whose art we wanted to put on the walls. It was the easiest decision ever. However, choosing from her amazing portfolio was much harder. We love Sarah's work because it represents the ocean and our beautiful natural surroundings here in Encinitas. But more than that, it represents the power of individuals to overcome, to get through waves, swim in the darkness, and come out the other side in the light. Thank you Sarah for such inspiring work and please visit her site and follow her on Instagram.