A woman attends an individual therapy session

Individual Therapy

Our lives are a constantly shifting tide of challenges and change. The reality is that some seasons are harder to navigate on our own than others. The highly trained clinicians at BOLD Health offer appointments for talk therapy to help you navigate the challenging seasons, as well as to empower you with skills and tools so you can better cope with the changes ahead. Our goal is to equip you for the rest of your life when you complete your care with us, while staying available for any tune-ups down the road. We are here so you won’t have to navigate life’s twists and turns alone.

A couple attends a therapy session

Couples & Family Therapy

Relationships take real work and daily effort to succeed. Sometimes it helps to have a compassionate and insightful clinician to navigate the miscommunications, conflicts, and challenges that come as couples grow and transition through life’s different stages together. BOLD Health offers supportive talk therapy appointments for couples and families who are struggling with relationship challenges as well as those who just want to work on strengthening their connection. So whether or not your goal is to save your marriage or grow stronger together, our team is here to help you navigate to your happiest, most fulfilled connections.

An adolescent client attends a therapy session

Adolescent Therapy

Pre-adolescence and adolescence are intense periods of great growth, learning, development, and transformation. The many growing pains and learning experiences can take a toll not just on those who are experiencing them, but also on their siblings, parents, and caregivers. BOLD Health provides safe and comforting talk therapy appointments for pre-adolescents and adolescents to help give them the tools they need to regulate their anxiety so they can understand and express their feelings.

Take a bold step toward a healthier life.

It takes courage to start counseling and therapy, whether it’s alone or with another person. Sometimes it’s hard to open up, but we promise, it will be worth it.

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