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Alcohol and Aging: How Drinking Affects the Aging Process

Alcohol and Aging: A Crucial Connection. In our culture, it’s common to unwind and celebrate with a glass of wine or a round of cocktails. But do you know the…

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How Depression Affects Relationships and What To Do About It

Depression is disruptive. When you struggle with this unfortunately common mental health concern, your productivity, social life, physical health, and motivation are all negatively impacted. But what about how depression…

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The Dual Battle: Treating Alcoholism Alongside Mental Health Disorders

Imagine living a life that transcends labels and diagnoses. At BOLD Health, we see you, not just your condition. We believe everyone is, at their core, simply “human.” We’re all…

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What Is a Trauma Response? Recognizing Trauma In Others

Sometimes, recognizing the signs of trauma is relatively straightforward. But many times, trauma in others can be inconspicuous. Your friend or loved one who seems “fine” may actually be struggling…

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The Power of Routine in Your Alcohol Recovery Journey

Recovering from alcohol addiction is a challenging marathon, not a sprint. It requires not only medical and psychological support from a program like BOLD Health, San Diego’s leading Intensive Outpatient…

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The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Postpartum Depression

In the realm of motherhood, sleep deprivation often takes center stage. The joy and delight of bringing a new life into the world can quickly fade as the reality of…

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Suicide Prevention: Recognizing the Warning Signs

Suicide. It’s a sensitive subject that nobody really enjoys thinking about or discussing. But it’s imperative we don’t shove it under the rug just because it’s uncomfortable. According to the…

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From Denial to Recovery: Turning Points in the Journey to Overcoming Addiction

The path to overcoming addiction is rarely a smooth, straight highway. It’s more like a winding mountain road, filled with challenges, unexpected turns, and moments of breathtaking clarity. But within…

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The Signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

The world often views children as resilient and adaptable, which they most definitely can be. But it’s important not to overlook the fact that children, like adults, can experience deep…

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A Closer Look at Alcohol-Induced Anxiety and Depression: Breaking the Cycle for Lasting Well-Being

At BOLD Health, we understand that alcohol, often seen as a social lubricant or a way to unwind after a long day, can have a significant impact on your mental…

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Drinking to Relieve Stress: Professions at Risk for Alcohol Abuse

Drinking to relieve stress is a fairly common occurrence in our society. Many people come home after a long work day, kick their feet up, and grab an alcoholic beverage…

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Unveiling the Signs of High-Functioning Depression

The Silent Struggle: Unveiling the Signs of High-Functioning Depression In the age of social media, where lives appear picture-perfect, it’s easy to overlook the signs of high-functioning depression. Behind the…

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