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BOLD Health - Our method is BOLD, our approach is compassionate

Our method is BOLD, our approach is compassionate.

If you're here, either you or someone you love is suffering.

Maybe your son or daughter has been abusing drugs — and your family is exhausted from trying to overcome that addiction on your own. Maybe your marriage feels like it’s falling apart. Or maybe you’re a new mom who just can’t seem to pull yourself out of postpartum depression, and you’re worried you won’t be a good mother. Maybe you’ve been living with crippling anxiety or a personality disorder — and whatever treatment you try just doesn’t ever seem to work.

No matter what brings you here, we’re here for you. It takes courage just to make it here and start searching for help. You made a BOLD step. We’re here to walk alongside you.


We believe in taking courageous steps with our clients. We also believe that the current system simply doesn’t do enough to help build a successful future for those who travel the path of recovery from addiction or mental disorders. Our BOLD Method is a new,  innovative, and science-supported recovery program developed and led by doctors. We will be by your side the whole way -- from the first step of recognizing that you need help to the end of the journey where full recovery awaits. You can expect to receive a continuity of care that is unmatched in other programs. We invite you to join us in this unprecedented approach to wellness and recovery.

Intensive addiction and mental health treatment

Wherever you are now,
we're here to meet you.

No matter what you're struggling with, or how many times you’ve tried to conquer it before, there is still a reason to hope. BOLD Health is the premier mental health clinic in Southern California, serving people in Encinitas, Orange County, San Diego County, and all over California via videoconference. No matter where you are in your journey or geographically, our science-based, results-oriented treatment programs have a higher success rate than that of even in-patient programs. Our top goal is that you experience a fulfilling and long-lasting recovery from addiction.

Scott Phillips talks to a patient during a therapy & counseling session

You're hurting.
We're listening.

It’s normal to feel bursts of both sadness and joy in life, but the symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, OCD, and bipolar disorder that don’t go away on their own can rob you of your health and happiness. Left untreated, they can destroy relationships, ruin careers, and steal futures. Here at BOLD Health, we understand the challenges and stress presented by these disorders. We also understand that the environment we live in today is especially challenging and stressful. When you or someone you love is in need, you can turn to us for help.

Professional consulting with Dr Katie Hirst of BOLD Health

We don't just serve OUR patients, we can serve YOUR patients too.

Our experienced and highly trained team, led by Dr. Katie Hirst, provides expert, evidence-based medical and psychiatric care for patients in residential, IOP, and PHP programs. Our work includes medical and psychiatric assessments, detox management, treatment of co-morbid psychiatric and medical diagnoses, and prescription of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for substance-use disorders.

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