"Excellent. Their approach links the addiction process with anxiety. Community support groups are lead by trained professionals. Educational. Empowering and solution focused. I highly recommend."


Self-Discovery IOP

"Dr Lamb and her team at BOLD Health are the best."


"Recognizing my anxieties and unhealthy defenses, enabling me to feel my emotions and the information they are giving me. I have/am becoming a whole person as a result."

"The triangle has changed the way I approach every aspect of my life. Group sessions and the rotating counselors are essential to this learning.

Lamarre was instrumental both in group and personal. Scott was the rock in my group. I love how calm, supportive and focused he is. Meiken's empathy is felt everytime I hear her speak. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! THANK YOU!!!"
- WT

"I was blown away by the treatment providers and the entire program. After 5 outpatient programs and 2 in-patient programs, I was lucky enough to find BOLD. They are completely different than anything out there. The BOLD Method will get you sober in a hurry and stay that way. I loved that there was nothing negative or shameful but they made me work on myself. The best I've ever felt."


"The triangle was enormously helpful in breaking anxiety, defenses and feelings apart so they're more manageable. This is an excellent program. Thank you!"


"The doctor is one of the most exceptional medical professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have been seeing her for a few years and her skill as a physician and psychiatrist were in evidence from my first appointment. Her friendly demeanor, compassion, availability, empathy, treatment suggestions, and the willingness to 'get in the ring' with me have made all the difference.......I keep wanting to say she has saved my life, but the truth is I saved my own life, but she provided the road maps, the "keys to my car", the treatment tools,, while offering the empathy and compassion when I most need it. Thank you."


"All the staff, therapists and office have been wonderful. Thank you all!"

Child & Teen Psychiatric Care San Diego

"Had a first session with Katelyn Brady last week and WOW. She is AWESOME. I am going to continue working with her and the BOLD heath team as they are responsive, professional, nice, on-time, etc. Really enjoyed my first experiences with them and think more good stuff ahead."


"While I did grow up with alcoholic parents, I don't struggle with substance abuse myself.  I say that because I want people to know that BOLD Health is NOT just for people who are dealing with substance abuse issues. Thank the lord for that, or else I may not be where I am today!

Dr. Katie Hirst has changed my life. Period. The funny thing is I know she would totally disagree with that and say that I am the one who has changed my life, but I truly believe I could not have gotten to this place without her.  She has been a light through the storm for me over the past 18 months, and today at 35 years old, I can confidently say that I feel stronger and more in control of my brain than I ever have before! I am SO grateful for Katie and BOLD Health!"


"Dr. Lamb is a compassionate and talented physician, she has taken excellent care of me and I have learned so much about myself while under her guidance. She is a gem, I highly recommend this practice for those needing emotional healing and those struggling with addictions."


"I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the doctors and staff at Bold Health over the past few years. Dr. Lamb and Dr. Hirst in particular, and I have referred friends to the practice who have been very happy with their therapists as well. I highly recommend them!"


"The thing that helped me the most was the atmosphere created. Knowing that I was in a safe non-judgemental space where I was encouraged but not forced to share allowed me to fully trust not just the care team but also myself.

Everyone on the IOP team was great. They were kind and encouraging to push yourself out of your comfort zone without making it seem incredibly daunting. Additionally, having Lamarre as my individual sessions therapist was an important part of making me feel completely supported by allowing me a space to fully process the subjects discussed in group in a way that I was allowed to guide without feeling like there was a specific structure that had to be followed."


"The consistency in delivering the education and commitment to hold space for growth for every member. It is truly a "meet you where you are" kind of place. It has completely changed my life. I came in broken and hopeless and am now living knowing that every day I GET to use the BOLD method to manage anxiety and feel all the feelings! I have BOLDly gone where I never thought I could go!!"

Group therapy for alcohol addiction is a vital component in your recovery journey. Learn about why it's so important