The connection between psychological symptoms and physical symptoms is undeniable as anyone who has experienced a stressful day at work and come home with a headache can attest. Some psychological stressors can lead to more debilitating and chronic disorders and the link between the stressor and the symptom is not always clear. Somatic disorders can range from clearly connected exacerbations of underlying medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pain and even asthma, in times of increased stress, to debilitating physical symptoms of unclear origin resulting in major medical work ups and untreated pain and suffering.

At BOLD Health our staff are trained in general medicine as well as psychological care and can help patients get to the underlying cause or causes of their otherwise medically unexplained symptoms. We work hard to ensure that patients receive adequate medical workups as to not miss any underlying medical condition that could be contributing to their symptoms and work to target symptom relief by treating the mind and the body.

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We are committed to ensuring that you feel safe and secure in our care, given our extensive experience in handling these complex issues. You can rely on us to provide guidance and support on your journey towards healing.

Do you think you may be suffering from any of these conditions?

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