Get strong. Face the truth.

Author your life.

BOLD Health represents a revolutionary approach to wellness. Our core belief is centered on self-improvement and self-realization. We are dedicated to working closely with each client, helping them to achieve their fullest potential and overcome any substance or emotional challenges. Our commitment is to evidence-based treatments, ensuring that every treatment plan is uniquely tailored to fit the individual needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of care in mental health and addiction treatment. At BOLD Health, we hold the conviction that clients have the power to author their own lives and take charge of their future. Our passion lies in empowering you, the client.

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We are unwavering in our commitment to putting what is clinically best for our patients above all else.

We prioritize our patients needs above following the trends of industry, as evidenced by our commitment to clinical excellence, staff development, research, and customer service.


Our clinicians are experts, highly educated, and undergo continued training and education by world leaders in the field while utilizing scientifically proven approaches to mental health and substance abuse.

We are the only treatment program in the nation based in intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP) a therapeutic approach which has been proven to successfully treat even the most challenging cases in the spectrum of mental health disorders and substance abuse.


We are fearless in our pursuit to challenge existing industry norms in order to help patients obtain long lasting and life changing results.

We are leading the charge to upend the standard approach to mental health and substance abuse treatment in an industry marred with pseudoscience, corruption, hopelessness and alarmingly low long term results.

Respect & Compassion

We believe that seeking help is a BOLD step and takes great courage and we hold a deep respect for those embarking upon this journey.

We recognize that we all journey through the challenges of the human experience externally and internally and the responsibility of helping someone on their unique path requires empathy and compassion.

Speaking the Truth

We are passionate about seeking truth and create an environment free from shame or judgement in order to help our clients feel safe in their pursuit of the same.