When you or someone you love is coming down from an addiction to a powerful substance, it can be extremely helpful to navigate this difficult – and at times, dangerous – process under the care of qualified and caring professionals. BOLD Health is proud to serve as one of the limited number of outpatient detox treatment providers and centers in Southern California. We’re willing to work with you or your family to meet your unique detox and treatment needs.

Outpatient detox programs enable patients to receive help at our center during the day, but go home at night. This is ideal for patients who have family responsibilities, a stable home life, and a safe environment, but who still need a powerful addiction treatment. Our team will devise a plan based on your individual needs and situation, including your age, metabolism, medical history, substance abuse history, and physical and mental health. Medication may be needed to facilitate treatment or alleviate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

We also offer IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) that may be called for after our initial evaluation. The great thing about BOLD is that you can move between programs, and when you’re ready to move into individual therapy, you can do so while staying with the same clinician or therapist. This ensures a continuity of care that makes BOLD special and paves the way for better outcomes.

Outpatient therapy Session

Don’t wait to get the help you need.

Addiction – and detox – can be dangerous. No matter what a your daily responsibilities are, please don’t put off your treatment. Our outpatient detox program gives you the opportunity to come down in a safe space during the day, supervised by medical doctors. Wherever you are in your recovery journey, we’ll meet you right where you’re at and together, we’ll figure out the best way for you chart a path forward. Call us at 760-503-4703 to learn more.