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Top Warning Signs of Prescription Opioid Abuse

It’s never easy to tell if someone you love is hurting from opioid addiction. Even as the person closest to them, it can be hard for a family member or…

Where to Go to Get Quality Anxiety Treatment in San Diego

Living with an anxiety disorder can make life a lot more challenging. And if you’re one of the 40 million Americans dealing with this mental health issue and you live…

How to Stay Sober During the Holidays

While the holidays are meant to be a time of celebration, happiness, togetherness, and cheer, it’s not always the case when trying to stay sober. Of course, staying sober during…

5 Reasons Why Outpatient Addiction Treatment is For You

TOP 5 Reasons why outpatient addiction treatment is for you. Deciding between inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment and overwhelmed? Admitting you need help to overcome an addiction is difficult. We…

Square Breathing to Reduce Anxiety | Spenser Gabin, AMFT

Do you ever struggle with racing thoughts or worrying uncontrollably about what could happen in the future? These are very common symptoms of anxiety. One simple and effective way to…

How to Know if You Need Alcohol Treatment

Having an occasional drink is one thing, but becoming alcohol-dependent is another. The tricky thing about alcohol use disorder (AUD) and discerning whether or not you need alcohol counseling is…

What is a Substance-Induced Mood Disorder?

What Is a Substance-Induced Mood Disorder?  It’s fairly common for people who have issues with drug addictions to also be suffering from some type of mental health disorder. On occasion, however,…

How to Overcome an Addiction to Xanax and Other Benzos

Benzodiazepines, also called “Benzos,” are most often prescribed to treat severe anxiety but can be used to treat alcohol withdrawal, insomnia, muscle spasms, and some seizure disorders. The number of…

How to Choose the Best Mental Health Treatment Program in San Diego

Choosing the best mental health treatment program for yourself or a loved one is a challenging, yet crucial first step on the road to recovery. But deciding between different mental…

Getting Help for Depression: How to Find the Right Therapist

Getting Help for Depression: How to Find the Right Therapist  “So Where Do I Start Looking for Treatment for Depression Near Me? More than likely, the first place you’re going…

Why an IOP After Inpatient Treatment is the Right Move

Why an IOP After Inpatient Treatment is the Right Move Life after completing inpatient residential treatment for addiction can be filled with questions, uncertainties, and trepidation. While inpatient treatment is…

Dr. Kristy Lamb, Featured on MedCircle, Discusses How the 3 Levels of Anxiety Actually Work

Anxiety does not originate in your thoughts, even though that’s the common belief. Feelings of anxiety (as well as anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder) actually manifest in your body.…