Do I Really Need an Intensive Outpatient Program after Treatment?
Do I Really Need an Intensive Outpatient Program after Treatment?

You’re finally out of treatment and ready to start a new life. Though the first few months were tough, you know that things can only get better from here on out!

You feel that you’ve gotten all the tools to manage any negative emotions or conflicts which come your way without drinking, using, and slipping back into old unhealthy habits. As a result of this knowledge-you are now drawing near the end of the treatment program with a therapist saying…

“I recommend that before going home you spend some time in an intensive outpatient (IOP) Program.”

Your Therapist

“I feel like a brand new person! Why would I need more treatment? You saw the progress that we’ve made so far.”

Why do I need more treatment?”

As you head out of treatment, there is an overwhelming chance that your therapist will recommend an IOP.

Should you go to an IOP?

The first few months—sometimes even the first year of recovery is a vulnerable time.

The first few months of recovery can be tough, but they’re not impossible. It is possible to fall off the wagon and relapse after all of that hard work has gone into being clear-headed again. This happens often enough for people who put in so much effort at getting clean – even when they were really committed!

Life when you were in Inpatient Care

You’ve been inpatient before, and now you are sober. The idea of treatment can be daunting- there is no alcohol or drugs to catch your attention when you least expect it; all distractions are removed so that success repeats itself with each passing day which may sound boring until they put this into perspective: an addiction will never get better withdrawal symptoms just like those experienced during intoxication don’t magically disappear after going through withdrawal voluntarily because we know what causes them!

This type of environment helps rebuild one’s self-confidence by allowing him/her time away from any potential triggers at home as well as creating space between oneself mentally where he/she is.

4 Reasons Why an IOP After Inpatient Treatment is the Right Move

Importance of Continuing with IOP Care

Rehabilitation is a long process, and it’s not always easy. You will have bad days where conflicts arise or emotions become overwhelming, but when these situations come up there are people who want nothing more for you than safety in their care.

To ensure that you don’t relapse after leaving inpatient treatment, it is important to build a safety net. Without time for self-improvement and without resources available on-site or through support groups, alcohol can be tempting as we try new things again after being sober so long but with this additional effort of building an infrastructure back up from scratch; people are much less likely to give in to their old habits which will keep them safe.

How Does an IOP program Work?

Intensive outpatient treatment, while not living at the facility itself can offer sessions that last several hours per day and take place during daytime or evening time to accommodate your work schedule.

IOPs have different lengths, depending on what you need and the recommendations of your therapist. Some people participate for just a few weeks while others are in it up to one year! In addition, some programs offer an additional service alongside group therapy sessions or counseling too so there really is something here that will work well with everyone’s schedule whether they’re looking into getting help now or after going through difficult times recently themselves.

At BOLD Health, we offer an IOP in San Diego, CA. We also offer a variety of treatments for mental health disorders.

For example, our group therapy consists of three days per week and lasts three hours in total – 10 weeks long! Clients attend these sessions with other patients from all walks of life to provide support during their journey through recovery while also learning how they can help themselves too.

Best Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in San Diego County

IOP after treatment

Do I Really Need an Intensive Outpatient Program after Treatment?

Intensive Outpatient Programs allow you the opportunity to participate in treatment sessions at your convenience. You may attend them either during daytime or evening hours, depending on how much time off work and schoolwork is required from an individual patient’s life before they can begin outpatient care for substance abuse issues.

When someone goes into an intensive outpatient program (IOP), it means that their schedules are more flexible than those living full-time residence with no exceptions allowed outside family members due to jobs etcetera.

The length of an IOP program can vary, depending on the needs and recommendations from your therapist or treatment team. Some people participate in group therapy for a few weeks while others may go up to one year-long courses with additional services provided outside of traditional sessions too like art classes!

IOP – Explained: Before, During, and After Treatment.

The BOLD Health Outpatient Center in San Diego, CA is a top-notch treatment program that offers group therapy four days per week, three hours long. In addition to this traditional format of sessions with other patients going through similar struggles in order to better themselves by sharing their stories and experiences as well as receiving support from one another on how they were able to succeed when faced with challenges like these.

San Diego IOP after treatment

Individualized Counseling

Clients also have access to individualized counseling where you can talk about any pressing issues concerning yourself such as those mental health-related problems without worrying about being judged or ridiculed for having these troubles since everyone here understands just what it feels like! Medication management isn’t forgotten either–we always make sure there are options available should your condition require medication adjustments too so rest assured knowing everything will be taken care of.

The BOLD Health IOP is a one-stop destination for those in need of holistic mental health treatment. The BOLD IOP incorporates medication management and individual therapy with a focus on psychoeducation to provide the opportunity for more support. It also includes hours spent in group sessions that cover topics like spirituality or mental health issues so individuals can receive tailored care from trained professionals.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga classes round out what would be considered “treatment” here meaning we’re always looking after more than just physical needs; additionally, family participation during these activities helps ease parents’ minds about their child having such an intense experience.

San Diego IOP

Enroll in BOLD Health’s IOP

Join the BOLD Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and become part of a supportive, caring community dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to recovery. At BOLD Health, we focus on uncovering and addressing the root causes of addiction and any co-occurring disorders. Our foremost aim for each patient is to empower them with the courage to confront challenging issues, such as grief or loss, and to facilitate healing from emotional trauma.

We strive to help our patients become accountable for their actions, setting the stage for them to rebuild successful and fulfilling lives. If you’re seeking assistance, we’re here to support you at every step. Enroll now to start your journey to recovery, with the assurance that we’re ready to help you begin a new chapter today.

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Recovery is possible.
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