help for PTSD
help for PTSD

Why You Should Seek Professional Help for PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) can be debilitating to your everyday life. Living with a mental health disorder negatively impacts your mind and body, whether you’re the victim of a traumatizing event, accident, relationship, or life situation. That means your mood, mental health, physical health, sleep, diet, thoughts, and relationships are all affected.

It’s no way to go through life.

The good news is that PTSD is treatable with the help of a qualified mental health professional. Help for PTSD can improve your mental and physical health and wellness and lead to a more fulfilling life.

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Are You Avoiding Getting PTSD Treatment?

But many people who have PTSD avoid seeking treatment. They may not want to rehash their traumatic event for fear of evoking an onslaught of horrible memories and uncomfortable PTSD symptoms. Or maybe they think others will judge them for being weak or fear losing their jobs if their boss finds out they have a mental illness. Or perhaps they don’t think they have PTSD – instead, they’re just anxious and sad.

The first obstacle for not seeking help for PTSD – not wanting to rehash a painful event or experience – is somewhat understandable. (Although once you do, you’ll be one step closer to overcoming your symptoms.) 

But the others? Those aren’t true. Seeking help for PTSD doesn’t make you weak. It actually means the opposite – that you’re strong enough to admit you need help and are willing to take control of your life. And more often than not, people won’t judge you for getting help. (If they do, that’s their problem.) Lastly, if you get in trouble at work for struggling with a mental illness, well, your boss isn’t doing their job correctly (or legally, for that matter). 

And thanks to modern technology, getting help for PTSD is more accessible than ever. Here at BOLD Health, we offer several highly-effective outpatient programs in San Diego to help you work through your symptoms with compassionate, understanding therapy. Even if you aren’t in the San Diego area, we can help through our virtual programs if you’re in California.

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Benefits of Getting Professional Help for PTSD

Reaching out for professional help for PTSD can be challenging. We get that. But we’ve seen firsthand how treatment can free you from the chains of the debilitating mental health concern. You don’t have PTSD because you chose to have it. Unfortunately, you suffer from it for a reason. 

When you get quality help from professionals like our team of San Diego PTSD treatment clinicians, we get to the bottom of exactly why you feel the way you do. Then we’ll work together to work through your struggles and get you on your journey to feeling better.

There are several incredible benefits of getting professional help for PTSD:

Reduce your PTSD symptoms

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder can present themselves immediately or within days, weeks, months, or even years after the traumatic event. Of course, not

Everyone experiences the same PTSD symptoms, but there are several categories of symptoms that treatment can alleviate.

  • re-experiencing symptoms: flashbacks, recurring dreams or memories, physical signs of stress
  • avoidance symptoms: staying away from places, people, events, and things that remind you of your trauma, avoiding thinking about anything related to the trauma
  • mood and cognition symptoms: social isolation, distorted thoughts making you feel like the trauma was your fault, loss of interest in activities, anger, guilt, shame, fear, difficulty feeling happy.

Learn healthier coping mechanisms

While there is no “cure” for PTSD, there are plenty of things you can do to work through your struggles so you can live a life more freely. PTSD treatment can drastically lower the number of times you think about the trauma in your life. 

Therapy can also help you learn healthier coping mechanisms when thoughts and triggers arise. Rather than turning to drugs, alcohol, or other unhealthy methods of managing your symptoms, your trained therapist can help you learn and practice healthier ways to cope.

Improve your quality of life

When you reduce your symptoms, you lower your stress level and your risk of depression. San Diego PTSD treatment at BOLD Health can help break the chains of the mental and physical stress your symptoms cause you, leading to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. 

Reclaim your future

Living with PTSD means you go through life with one foot in the present and another in the past. But with PTSD treatment, you can learn to let go of your past trauma’s painful memories, thoughts, and flashbacks. 

And when you do, you can live in the present and reclaim your future. Many individuals who successfully go through PTSD treatment establish healthy new relationships, repair those with family and friends, and accomplish new and exciting things in their lives and careers. 

Lessen your negative thinking patterns

One of the most painful things about experiencing PTSD is how you perceive yourself. You may blame yourself for your trauma and see yourself as the reason for your pain. You might also let the trauma you’ve experienced and wrongly fault yourself for define who you are. 

When you partner with BOLD Health for outpatient PTSD treatment in San Diego, you’ll genuinely learn how to love yourself and shake the blame from your shoulders. With our help, you can regain your positive self-worth and self-image.

Experience Validation

One of the most impactful aspects of receiving professional help for PTSD is the validation you feel from your therapist and, if applicable, group therapy peers. At BOLD Health, we’ll never judge you at any point in your healing journey. Instead, we’ll meet you wherever you are and walk beside you. 

If group therapy is part of your individualized treatment plan, you’ll also experience the power of validation from others experiencing similar stories as you. Group therapy allows you to support one another through challenges and celebrate each others’ successes. 

The Key to Reducing Symptoms of PTSD

Other Things to Consider When Seeking San Diego PTSD Treatment

There are some additional crucial things you should think about when considering PTSD outpatient programs in San Diego. 

  • Getting help sooner rather than later can only increase the benefits you experience. Left untreated, PTSD symptoms can worsen over time. The sooner you seek help for PTSD, the better. 
  • Getting help for PTSD can also help those around you. The emotional stress, depression, irritability, anxiety, and detachment you feel with PTSD can strain your relationships. When you get help, you’ll be able to improve and strengthen them once again.
  • Getting help can improve your physical health, too. When you experience symptoms of PTSD, you likely also experience increased blood pressure, nausea, headaches, back pain, muscle tension, and fatigue. Not to mention PTSD has also been linked to heart troubles. Getting help can alleviate many of these physical health concerns.

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Whether you’re ready to get help for PTSD by visiting us at our beautiful seaside facility in Encinitas, CA, or opt for online PTSD treatment in San Diego, we’ve got you covered. At BOLD Health, we put you in the driver’s seat of your healing journey. We’re just here to guide and support you every step of the way. 

Contact our team of compassionate, caring PTSD clinicians today so we can start that journey sooner rather than later. 

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