Depression treatment San Diego
Depression treatment San Diego

Getting Help for Depression: How to Find the Right Therapist 

“So Where Do I Start Looking for Treatment for Depression Near Me?

More than likely, the first place you’re going to turn led you here: the internet. That’s not a bad thing. It’s actually an excellent resource for locating directories of psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists in your area.

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Getting Help for Depression: How to Find the Right Therapist 

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling with depression, it’s likely you’ve felt overwhelmed at the thought of finding the right therapist for you.

You’re probably asking yourself questions like:

“What if we don’t connect?”

“Will I have to go through several therapists before I find the right one for me?”

“Do I want to confide in a complete stranger about my depression?”

“How can I trust someone with my mental health issues?”

“What if they want me to take an antidepressant?”

“Are there side effects to antidepressants?”

“What is everyone going to think if they find out I’m getting help for depression?”

“How long is it going to take before I start feeling better?”

But in addition to the wonderful world wide web, consider locating a therapist near you by consulting:

  • Your general practitioner
  • Friends and family you trust
  • Your insurance provider

Once you get the names of a few local practitioners who offer depression therapy, you may want to narrow down that list a little further to find someone who focuses on your particular needs. 

And if you are looking for depression treatment in San Diego, our team of high-quality, compassionate mental health professionals is here for you.

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Choosing the Right Type of Therapist 

There are several types of therapists, doctors, and counselors who offer treatment for depression, but you may not understand their differences. To help you better determine the kind of therapist you may need, take a look at the letters after their name. 

Here at BOLD Health, we have a comprehensive team of therapists, psychiatrists, and medication providers to treat any mental health condition. Letters you’ll commonly see after their names include:

MFT – (Marriage and Family Therapist) These are therapists who have earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, which means

  • they are trained to provide therapy to individuals and couples. MFT’s help individuals treat depression through therapy and can help families and couples work through and manage relationship issues, including issues centering around depression. They cannot prescribe medication. 
  • SW – (Social Worker) These are therapists who have earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Social Work and then pursued specific training in psychotherapy. They are also able to provide excellent psychotherapy and counseling for depression.
  • MD – (Doctor of Medicine) Mental health professionals with an MD after their names means they are a doctor, having earned an undergraduate degree, graduated from medical school, and completed a residency. In the mental health world, doctors with an MD after their name means they are a psychiatrist and completed a residency in psychiatric care. At our mental health practice in San Diego, psychiatrists can prescribe medications and are also uniquely trained to provide depression counseling or psychotherapy services. 
  • PMHNP – (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner) These clinicians first received training and a degree in nursing and a master’s degree to become a Nurse Practitioner, with special training in psychiatry and mental health. They can prescribe medications to treat a wide variety of depressive disorders and other illnesses. Our PMHNP at BOLD Health works closely with your therapist to make sure you are recovering from depression as quickly as possible.
  • PA-C – (Certified Physician Assistant) These clinicians received a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree with specific training in treating mental health. They can prescribe medications and also works closely with your therapist to make sure you are recovering from depression as quickly as possible.

Beyond Location: Choosing the Right Fit:

  • Credentials: Understand the differences between therapists (e.g., psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists) and their respective specialties.
  • Communication Style: Look for a therapist you feel comfortable talking to, someone who fosters a safe and supportive environment.
  • Personal Philosophy: Align with a therapist whose approach aligns with your personal values and preferences.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions:

  • Treatment Approach: Discuss their plan for treating your depression and answer any questions you have about specific techniques.
  • Experience: Inquire about their experience treating individuals with similar concerns.
  • Fees and Scheduling: Understand their fees and payment options, along with available appointment times.

BOLD Health is a unique mental health treatment program in San Diego because we are able to closely coordinate care for our patients who see a medication provider, such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, and a therapist. Our team and clinic are small and cohesive, and we work hard to provide uniquely tailored mental health treatment to every person who comes to our clinic.


  • Finding the right therapist may take time, so be patient and trust your instincts.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different therapists until you find the perfect fit.
  • Seeking help is a strength, not a weakness. Prioritize your mental well-being and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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We understand choosing a therapist can be confusing and overwhelming. When in doubt, reach out to a practice near you or your general practitioner. And if you are in the San Diego area we’re happy to help you out here at BOLD Health.

The Best Mental Health Depression Treatment in San Diego

There’s no doubt, finding treatment for depression in San Diego, or anywhere for that matter, can be a challenging task. But the good news is, mental health professionals are on your side. We’re in this field to help others and break the negative stigma surrounding mental health needs and work together to find the help you need. 

If you are looking for depression treatment in San Diego, BOLD Health offers some incredibly unique benefits, including: 

  • Holistic Approach: We believe your mental health doesn’t only require an understanding of your symptoms. Your life circumstances also play a significant role in where you are. In other words, our approach addresses your whole self.
  • Developed by Physicians: The founders of BOLD Health are board-certified Psychiatrists who also trained in Family Practice, so they are able to create a cohesive team of clinicians who take all aspects of health into account when creating a treatment plan tailored to you. 
  • One-of-a-Kind-Approach: You won’t be alone on your journey to healing and recovery. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you transform your life through our unique treatment approach. You’ll never feel alone when you work with us. We believe you can recover, and we’ll be right beside you along your journey.

If you are struggling with finding the right therapist for you, even if you aren’t in the San Diego area, we can see patients throughout California using HIPAA-compliant telehealth services. We passionately believe in the power of psychotherapy.

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Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Our method may be BOLD, but our approach is compassionate. 

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