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What Happens in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

A 2019 study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) revealed that 14.5 million Americans aged 12 and older were affected by alcohol use disorder (AUD). Despite this significant number, only about 7.2% of these individuals, amounting to just over a million people, received treatment for their condition. This statistic highlights a substantial gap in the treatment and management of alcohol use disorders, underscoring the need for increased access to and awareness of treatment options.

Alcohol treatment facts

Alcohol abuse can negatively impact your body, mind, relationships, finances, and work or school performance. But because alcohol is such an easy-to-access and relatively inexpensive drug, socially accepted, and legal to people 21 and over, abusing it can quickly become an issue in peoples’ lives. 

People with AUD may not seek out alcohol addiction treatment for several reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • They’re afraid of going through alcohol withdrawal.
  • They believe staying sober won’t last.
  • They’re afraid of confronting their addiction and their past.
  • They’re fearful of what others will think of them. 
  • The’ve had multiple “blackouts.”

If this sounds like you or someone you know who may need to enroll in an alcohol treatment program, you’re not alone. But don’t let fear stand in the way of breaking the chains of addiction. It could save your life, the life of your loved one, and maybe even the lives of other innocent people.

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What to Expect From an Alcohol Treatment Program

Entering into an alcohol addiction treatment program can come with many questions and apprehension for what’s to come. That’s okay. It’s totally normal. The good news is that when you put your mental and physical health in the hands of addiction experts who are fully trained and experienced like ours at BOLD Health, you can trust that you’re on your way to sobriety. 

No matter what type of alcohol addiction treatment program you choose, a reputable program should provide:

  • A judgment-free space
  • Unwavering support from trained clinicians and fellow peers
  • A treatment plan customized to fit your needs
  • Tools and strategies to help you battle your addiction
Alcohol treatment program

Here at BOLD Health, we can promise you’ll get all of that and more. We are equipped to help you break the chains of your alcohol addiction through one of two programs located in San Diego: outpatient detox programs and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Depending on your individual needs, your alcohol addiction treatment program may include one or both, along with the possibility of proven effective prescription medication.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Program in San Diego

After your initial intake evaluation with us, we’ll discuss the best course of action to help you overcome your alcohol addiction. If you and our expert clinical team decide our outpatient detox program is an excellent first step for you, we’ll work out a schedule to get you started. 

The detox process when overcoming addiction to alcohol or any drug can be a challenging process that requires support from professionals as well as your personal support network. At BOLD Health, our outpatient alcohol detox program allows you to get the help and support you need from our expert addiction clinicians during the day while surrounding yourself with your loved ones when you go home at night. 

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We not only arm you with the tools you need to fight addiction, but we also work with your support network to help you out after you leave our building. So if you have a stable support network at home and want to take your next steps to recovery in the comfort of your own home, an outpatient detox program may be the right choice for you.

During your outpatient sessions at our facility in San Diego, you’ll work with your assigned clinician to work through the struggles you’ll face during the detox process. You’ll come away from your work with your clinician with new skills and strategies to battle your addiction and face your triggers successfully. 

How long your alcohol detox program lasts depends on your commitment to the program and the level of care you need. But rest assured, we’ll be here with you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes.  

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What Happens in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Alcohol Addiction Treatment in San Diego

If you are looking for more than individual therapy sessions to battle your alcohol addiction or are coming out of an inpatient rehabilitation facility, our IOP is a wise choice to help you overcome and beat your addiction once and for all. 

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Your intensive outpatient program to fight alcohol addiction is tailored to fit your individual needs, personality, preferences, and schedule. Unlike inpatient alcohol treatment, an IOP like our 10-week program at BOLD Health gives you the rigorous structure and treatment you need while allowing you to continue working, tending to home responsibilities, and face your addiction while in the “real world.” 

Alcohol treatment program

This form of alcohol addiction treatment may include, depending on your needs:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family sessions
  • Psychiatry & medication management
  • Biofeedback
  • Outpatient detox

Your intensive schedule will require you to travel to our facility several times per week to meet with your therapist and peer group. Together with this expert and experienced support network, as well as your family and friends at home, you’ll be able to put into action the skills and strategies you learn and discuss your triumphs and struggles. 

Enrolling in an IOP for alcohol treatment supplies the support, accountability, and motivation to face your alcohol addiction and overcome it so you can move on to live a fulfilling, alcohol-free lifestyle once and for all.

Our BOLD Approach Sets Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Apart

Our integrative, holistic WHOLE person approach takes your entire self into account when helping you overcome alcohol addiction. We look at the biological and psychological framework that brought you to developing alcohol addiction. Our team of caring professionals brings traditional psychiatric medical care together with the healing power of psychotherapy to treat your addiction and help you make lifelong changes.


Addiction treatment

It’s time to take the first step toward recovery. We know it can be challenging to take that step, but you’ll feel the BOLD difference we can make in your life from the moment you contact our intake coordinator. 

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