Bipolar Disorder and Babies: Strategies for Care During Pregnancy and Postpartum Katie Hirst, MD Psychiatrist, BOLD Health, Inc. Encinitas, CA

I was so honored to give a talk for the International Bipolar Foundation last week, teaching women with Bipolar Disorder how to navigate some common challenges of pregnancy and postpartum. Helping women have safe and healthy pregnancies and is one of the best parts of my work! Dr. Katie Hirst

Dr. Hirst will discuss the unique needs of women with Bipolar Disorder during pregnancy and the postpartum period. She will present a general risk/benefit discussion regarding the use of, and abstinence from, medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding that can help women be informed about approaching this discussion with their care providers; provide resources for information on individual medications; and present strategies to minimize the risk of a mood episode in the crucial first few weeks after delivery.

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