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Mindful Meditation – Next Session starts Feb. 14!

Mindfulness Mediation with Dr. Katie Hirst, MD. Learn mindfulness meditation and how to set up your own daily practice.

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Humans are built to have wandering, busy minds–this unique quality has helped us succeed as a

species in many areas of life. That same busy-ness, however, can keep us from appreciating the

smaller moments of daily life and make it hard to break out of autopilot.

Each class utilizes 2-3 short practices (10mins in first class, 30 mins by class 8), discussion of in-class

and at-home experiences, and lessons about anxiety and emotions based on psychological theory to

help the student identify autopilot patterns and develop a personalized meditation practice.

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Next session of Mindfulness 1

Mindfulness 1 

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NEW Mindfulness 1

Mindfulness 1 

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