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BOLD VOICES Ep. 2 – Dr. Katie Hirst, MD – Part II

The conclusion of a very intense and personal story from our own Dr. Katie Hirst, MD. A star doctor who comes face to face with her own postpartum depression and anxiety that leads to debilitating addiction. We so often see addiction as an affliction of the poor, of the other, of anyone but us. What happens when we take our blinders off and really look at the addiction issue. We find that it hits everyone, regardless of class status, race, gender, education and anything else. This is an extraordinary story of struggle, self realization, and overcoming mighty obstacles to get her life back. Interviewed by BOLD Health colleague Dr. Thomas Paulus, this incredible story shows the ease at which an addiction develops and the strength it takes to get your life back.

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BOLD VOICES Ep. 1 – Dr. Katie Hirst, MD – Part I

Podcast featuring BOLD Health’s own Dr. Katie Hirst interviewed by Dr. Thomas Paulus.

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