BOLD Weekly Meetings Are Returning to In-Person

BOLD Meetings - The next step in recovery

EVERY WEDNESDAY from 5 pm - 6 pm


We believe in taking BOLD steps. We believe that the current system of recovery meetings does not do enough to help secure a sober future.

Thus, we created BOLD Meetings - a new supportive social community for recovery. NOT 12 Step, NOT SMART, but a new, original, scientifically-backed recovery program developed and led by doctors. We focus not on the substance, but on the underlying issues causing you to use that substance. Join us in building a community around BOLD Health's unprecedented approach to recovery and wellness.

The meetings are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are open to anyone 18 years or older with a limit of 6 people per group.

To keep everyone safe and healthy, we require that all visitors wear a mask and check In at the front desk between 4:50p-5:00p for a temperature check and sign in.

@BOLD Health: 561 Saxony Place. Suite 101 Encinitas CA, 92024. For more information, please call: 760-503-4703

STAY TUNED! Returning May 2021

BOLD family meetings


Have a family member suffering from Addiction? Feel lost with the myriad of choices and options and navigating insurance? Are you feeling that no one understands your situation?

BOLD Health has created a free resource to answer questions facing families going through addiction and to create a community of people helping each other through tough times.

Come share your experience, find support from other families struggling with addiction or mental illness, and get professional counsel for your concerns.


Mental illness and addiction take a toll on families and partners, straining crucial relationships. BOLD family meetings are a free resource to help you connect and build up supportive community so you don’t have to go it alone.


Our highly trained staff lead BOLD family meetings, providing a free opportunity for you to get answers and relief during a trying time by medical professionals specializing in addiction treatment. Our clinicians will compassionately help you face the truth about what works and what doesn’t and provide resources to help you navigate the system. It’s time to normalize and find a way.

@BOLD Health: 561 Saxony Place. Suite 101 Encinitas CA, 92024. For more information, please call: 760-503-4703